Master Planned Community in Lyons, Colorado  

We are a diverse group of designers and planners, each imparting our tastes, histories and passions into a vision larger than an individual.  We are skilled at balancing creative design solutions with economic realities.  This means we adeptly bring our clients values and economic realities together into a lasting and memorable place, be it a building, neighborhood, or town.

We start by understanding the values of the community.  This is often achieved through a variety of public outreach mechanisms, ranging from workshops and public meetings to surveys.  Once we understand what a community values, then we can begin to direct planning and design to reflect what is at the heart of the community.

Our design teams are carefully chosen for each project, bringing together a collaborative team of architects, engineers and other professionals best suited to bring the vision to fruition.

We believe in walkable neighborhoods and vibrant, pedestrian oriented towns and cities.  We also believe we must incorporate sustainable design and planning techniques. These techniques include incorporating mixed-use elements within the overall structure of a neighborhood or town, understanding and responding to natural and cultural systems, incorporating contextual elements to inform our designs, and creating walkable neighborhoods.

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