Vancouver, BC Urban Street

We value true sustainability.  This means we must create buildings and public places we love and will take care of. It also means we design our neighborhoods to make it easy to get around-especially walking.  A truly sustainable town pattern means we can walk to basic services, work close to where we live and feel safe and secure.  The town pattern must also reflect the values of the community. These components of sustainability provide a framework for our planning and design decisions. 

The redevelopment, or retrofitting of existing neighborhoods and towns that have infrastructure in place is a logical place to focus our efforts. Infill that includes a mix of uses within walking distance reduces traffic, counteracts sprawl, reduces carbon emissions, and promotes social interaction.  Infill also creates an efficient, sustainable and compact development pattern. This is an intelligent way to provide for a growing population while maintaining areas for recreation, living, and working. This approach also allows natural systems to function properly. We also incorporate these principles in greenfield projects.

The integration of compact development patterns in new communities, commercial development and infill projects is emerging as an important component that we strongly advocate. Incentives to develop compact, mixed-use and sustainable development patterns must be incorporated in governmental policies that direct growth and development. Mixed-use neighborhood centers are one example of a sustainable land use approach that can be included in neighborhoods, along with places to shop, recreate, eat, socialize, and work.

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