Phone Booths in London

Sustainability in Small Towns

Small towns have the opportunity to integrate principles of sustainability during their comprehensive planning update.  During the early stages of this process,  the community identifies  their values.  This sets the stage for the work that is accomplished during the planning process.  …

Residential Design

Creating a unified, engaging, and welcoming home requires a seamless transition between building and site.  As landscape architects, we are adept at reading a site, understanding the existing qualities of what the site tells us, and creating great spaces.  We are also good at listening to you, the client.  …

Trends in Master Planning for Small Towns

Master Planning for small communities is developing a new language in response to the current economic and housing issues facing the country.  The APA and Smart Growth America are currently emphasizing this new vocabulary in their educational components.  There is a focus on predictability, efficient resource allocation, and an emphasis on solving specific community issues.

Productive Landscapes

From corporate campuses to residential lawns, springtime finds maintenance companies and homeowners doing extensive work preparing bluegrass lawns  for view.  Yes, view.  Most of the lawns in the U.S. are simply for show.  They are only walked on when the maintenance crew is scheduled to cut, fertilize, or otherwise waste their time (not to mention waste of the increasingly rare resource of water) maintaining this outdated element of the landscape.

Multi-modal streets

The success of urban mixed-use projects depends, in part, on developing multi-modal streets to support the quality of life in mixed-use projects.  If the multi-modal street is properly designed and implemented, it preserves through-streets for car travel, and increases bicycle and pedestrian traffic in and around the mixed-use neighborhood.  …

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