Urban Design and Rain Gardens

The phrase "The devil is in the details" has been attributed, most notably, to Mies van der Rohe.  What this is getting at is that whatever you do, do it thoroughly, and even the smallest detail contributes to the final outcome.  

This phrase popped into my mind as I was reading an article today on the atlantic cities website called

Urban Agriculture Builds Community

We are advocates for local food production.  It is a key component of sustainability, and is one of the best ways to create a strong social community in a neighborhood.  We place our gardens, fields, greenhouses or other production facilities at a prominent location in the project.  This reinforces the idea of a social anchor.  …

Remember the Third Place

The Third Place” is a term Ray Oldenburg coined in his book, The Great Good Place. The “first place” is the home, and the “second place” is the workplace.  The “third place” is about creating an anchor of community life.  These are critical to creating a sense of community, and fostering creative interaction.  …

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