Residential Design

Creating a unified, engaging, and welcoming home requires a seamless transition between building and site.  As landscape architects, we are adept at reading a site, understanding the existing qualities of what the site tells us, and creating great spaces.  We are also good at listening to you, the client.  What do you want your home (and landscape) to say about you?  Do you want quiet, intimate spaces to relax, reflect, and read the Sunday paper on nice days?  Do you enjoy entertaining friends, cooking outside, and enjoying the view from your patio?  Do you have pets, children, or other considerations that require special design solutions?  

We are advocates for living sustainable lives, and no better place to start that your own home.  Do you have room (and more importantly, the time) for a nice organic vegetable garden?  Sustainability begins at home, and growing a portion of your own food is not only healthy, but contributes greatly to a healthier family and community.    

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